Product: Galaga Revenge (For Android and iOS) The latest product from eHooray Team. Close Beta Testing!!
Co-working with
Bandai Namco,  to develop with the famous IP: Galaga 
into the  best tactical shooting action game on mobile devices.
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Product: Kami Wars (For Android and iOS) 
The latest mobile online game product from eHooray Team's 200% effort. Winner of Digital Taipei 2013 Super Pitch, The Best Potential Award. 

English Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWbv453RNSY
*Newly Updated* Chinese Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvsrzNcnSUI&list=UUqe2zoOsSbkcOoHf0RGMOCg
*Newly UpdatedYouku Trailer For China(password:8888): http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzUyMTIwNTQw.html

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Close Beta Testing has ended.
Thank everyone for helping us testing our game passionately, we will work hard to improve our game, 
Please let us know your opinions using following link, who is your favorite character? greatly appreciated!! 

Kami Wars (For Android and iOS) 
The latest mobile online game product from eHooray Team's 200% effort. Winner of Digital Taipei 2013 Super Pitch, The Best Potential Award. Coming soon in mid 2014!! 
A.D. Year 3000, a War happened between exocists of the 5 clans. These modern exoists fight for spirit power resource and world domination.
Kami Wars is a mobile card game combined with Tower Defense strategy and Role Playing game with over 200 unique collectable characters. 
·        Great Manga Style Art with 200 collectable characters! Awesome card character portrait plus In-game Q-style provide eye feasts to all anime fans.
·        Exciting side view tab tower defense with waves of incoming enemies!
·        Level up your character and customize your team to face 200+ levels of challenge with unique bosses!
·        A unique world setting with mixed Sci-fi + Spirit Ghosts Setting!! Story told through Manga Character RPG Dialogs.
·        Farm your plants!  Nurture your spirit sprouts in a green house to receive energy and consume items, sometimes even RARE drops!! 

What are you waiting for?! From Full Plate Armor Angel Knight to Devil Cyber Ninja... Pick your heroes and start the epic adventure!


Product: Monster Night Defense (For iOS)
Voted by the players: Taipei Game Show 2014 Game Star Contest the Future Star Silver Award Winner, and the Strategy Simulation Category Gold Award Winner!! 
After three days of sales, we were #1 in puzzle, and #2 in strategy paid game app in Taiwan!
GDC best in Play Award, Honorable Mention:  http://www.gdconf.com/news/gdc_play_2013_best_in_play_gam.html
Covered by local game TV media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIo_GIm26Ik
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/eHooray

★★★★★Monster Night Defense: A romantic adventure in an Eastern Ghost World★★★★★
★★★★★Side View Tower Defense (PVZ-like)game play Plus Monster Collection and Combination.★★★★★
Monster Night Defense is a manga style side-view (Plants VS Zombie like) Tower Defense Game. Not only it has solid tower defense game play but also adds in features like monster capture, collection, and customization. Adventure into an Eastern Mysterious Ghost World, and experience exotic eastern atmosphere music and art style!
★★★★★Capture, combine, and customize your own monster team!★★★★★
94 different monsters for your collection, from cute monsters like the Umbrella ghost, to the cool ancient monsters like dragons and Phoenix! Some monsters are good at range combat, and some are good at melee. Discover, Collect, and combine them into more powerful monsters. Customize your monster combination and create your own monster team! 
★★★★★Resource collection, accumulate gold for monster shopping★★★★★
Collect gold and power jades for hiring powerful monsters in Monster Shop. With their help, you will have no worry about getting stuck!
★★★★★81 levels to challenge your strategic thinking★★★★★
Across the seven regions of the Ghost World, there are 81 levels with all kind of monsters. They come in waves after waves, bring the excitement at the same time challenge one’s best strategic thinking!
★★★★★Manga style romantic story in Eastern Ghost World. Who will be in love with our Otaku hero?★★★★★
After the Ghost General had gone missing over ten years, the Ghost World was in chaos. Seven powerful ghost lords constantly fight each other for territory and power. Players will be helping our Otaku student hero, who will go to Ghost World to restore the order with his monster friends and a young pretty mysterious girl.
What are you waiting for? Help the Otaku hero and rescue the Chaos Ghost World!