The eHooray team formed in January of 2012. Our team consists of a group of veteran game developers in Taiwan with over 12 years of industry experience. Because of our passion to create the best quality games, we left our former big game companies and formed our own mobile game company: eHooray Co., Ltd. Currently, we are concentrated on making game apps that run on mobile devices(iOS and Android), and we plan to develop mobile online games in our next stage.
As industry veterans:
● We use the latest technology, and we are ready to adapt to new ways of doing things.
● We utilize small-sized elite teams with experienced developers, and develop games using productive methods.
● We create a fun and hard-working company culture that makes people proud of their products.
● We maintain high respect for professionals, with no nonsense Prima Donna leadership.
We want to create the best company environment for making the best quality games:
● Be innovative, while at the same time satisfying marketing, player needs and gameplay experience
● Create games that attract global interests, and at the same time bring out the best Asian cultural fashions.
● Create the absolute best quality in game branding.
As a game developer, our responsibility is to learn from great game creators, make the best products, and pass 
along our wonderful culture to younger generations.
● We want to be innovative and break new ground for the future gaming industry.
● We want to be the best digital entertainment provider - not only in games, but also animations, comics, movies, 
novels, and toys.
● We design games as entertainment, but at the same time conveying meaningful culture
We welcome all game developers who share these same core values to join our company.
Publishers or Investors who are interested in promoting our products or working as business partners, feel 
free to contact us.
*Great Appreciation to Kevin Regamey from Power Up Audio Inc. for English Modification.* 

Contact: Elric Tang 
Email: elrictang@ehooray.net